Flickr Stream for the club

I set up a flickr group for the club to use. Pictures posted to it stream into the nifty widget on the side of the web page – check it out. Add your best work and shots from our outings!

Why flickr? Pretty much just because has a widget for streaming pics from there into the site. They give you 100 mb per month to upload photos; I’m resizing mine to 640×480 and putting my copyright and website info watermarked into them, which makes each pic between 50 and 100k – you can upload a lot like that.

For example :
Beelitz Abandoned Hospital - pinhole ghost



Regular meetings

We normally meet on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 9 p.m. We may start doing some extra meetings for the people who are doing photography professionally or semi-professionally, as well. Right now we’re using the The Johan Rose Cafe in Kreuzberg, on Forster Strasse by Gorlitzer Park U-Bahn. This might change! It’s good to check with our yahoogroup to see if the location is the same before coming.

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If you’re new to the group and want to participate, please bring 10 photos
you’ve taken, either on a USB stick or have them accessible and together online.

Usually, it’s a couple pictures related to the “assignment”, a couple
you think are particularly good, and a couple that didn’t quite work and
you want some else’s input on. If you have a laptop with a good screen
please bring it – we don’t always have access to an outlet and tend to
need 2 batteries’ worth of computers to get through a meeting.

Other than that, we’ve been working through some composition classes
online and have been shooting with this one in mind for this meeting:

Basically, it’s about using leading lines, S-curves, and triangular
points of interest, so try to bring a couple pictures related to that.
(Though you don’t have to. Some of the group members are taking this
course seriously and others aren’t. It’s more about what you want
feedback on; just say before presenting pictures.)

New Site for Berlin Photographers!

At yesterday’s meeting we decided we needed a web site and email list to make it a bit easier to keep this group organized, so here they are! If you’re not yet on the email list, you can sign up at Yahoogroups.

We also talked about possibly doing an outing to Tierpark this weekend, which sounds like a big zoo or wildlife park. We need to find opening hours for that and decide on Saturday or Sunday.

Moritz suggested we work our way through the lessons an online photography school has posted. Start collecting some links for photography lessons the group could work their way through, please, and post them in the comments!

We didn’t decide on a theme to shoot for next time, mainly as we’re planning to start working on technical skills instead of image concepts. This relates, of course, to the idea of using this group for furthuring our photographic skills and education.

The next meeting will be in Kreuzberg on the Tuesday or Thursday the 22nd or 24th. Szilvia is in charge of picking a location. See you then!